Massage Playa del Ingles

Massage Playa del Ingles

2022-07-10 18:44:56

Massage Playa Del Ingles Many tourists are coming to Playa del Ingles to relax and having every day massage Playa del Ingles is an area where you can enjoy a sun bathing on the beach, having a long walk on the dunes and enjoy relaxing massages

Massage Gran canaria playa del ingles

Playa Del Ingles is a place where most people coming for their holiday and relax.

When you are in Playa del ingles and you visiting Gran |Canaria for the first time is not really easy to find a good masseur or good masseuse but to make this all easier for you we create this blog for the reason.

So there are many massage parleur in Gran Canaria where people do relaxing massage for very painfull muscles , relaxing massage will not give you big pain relief as you will need to go more into sport massage or deep tissue massage when after long riding on bike your musscles are stiff.

Is Gran Canaria and Playa del Ingles a good place for a Massage?

Gran Canaria and specially Playa Del Ingles is a great place to enjoy massages, some people may say is a bit strange place as you not normally see so many gay couples around but we are here in nice freedom and every person can go and do what ever likes.

Playa del ingles sometimes is called as Maspalmas as this is the part of Masaplomas area

Playa Del Ingles if you translate from Spanish to English its mean English Beach.

while you in Playa Del Ingles you can just a message call and book appointment with various massage therapist in Massage Gran Canaria center which is very close to Yumbo shopping center.

Where is a Good Massage in Playa Del Ingles?

Its a good question, Maybe more details now:

the good massage should have many option for you to choose , not every person is the same and the best way of choosing professional massage or synchronized couples massage is to go on someone website and check availibility and massage types options.

Its more likly a menu in restaurants... sometimes we need to want to eat rice and sometimes a steak :) so you can see the option on every massage website.

Here we recommend body massage not in Youmbo center inside as in yumbo center could be very noisy and you may not focus on your relaxing time.

There is many places on Avenida de gran canaria but there is a high car traffic and will not recommend you that zone.

In Avenida Espana 22 in Bungalow c8 which is very easy to find you can get a realy nice private massage where your body and mind will enjoy every moment.

Massages in Playa del Ingles prices

Prices for massage in Playa del ingles are betwen 60-100 euro for 1 hour full body massage

you can get many diferent kind of massages for this price some massage studios offer massages by one women or two women in the same time but then price goes higher

but we think is an amazing experience.

every person is searching best massages when they arriving to Playa del Ingles and expecting to recive a Great massage fair enough we have idea for you and fantastic option.

contact one of our team stuff and just talk about your booking :

you may tell them you would like to recive a warm , soft, relaxing and magical experience and for sure we will find out best technique to suit your needs with a good value

Massage with special person in Playa del Ingles

If you for example would like to try a massage with a diferent person on our website you can just let us know and tell us the name of the therapist so we will make you and appontment for massage in Playa del Ingles only with that person.

our wellness center is prepared for your needs and to serve you a nice time durning your holiday in Gran Canaria and Playa del Ingles.

We hope we will never get such a time like in previous years when Covid comes and our therapist where force to move back to their home countries and we had to freeze our business and only one man was running the hole place to survive.

Massage Gran Canaria Parlour

Massage Gran Canaria playa del ingles is based on the roundabaut close to yumbo shopping center here is the correct address:

Massage Gran Canaria

Avenida Espana 22

Bungalow c8

+34 674738798

its based in front of tourist information in nice quiet and discreet place where you can listen quier soft piano playing music and after the massage enjoy nearby attractions

We think this should be the first place for you to visit while you on your trip to Playa del ingles in Gran Canaria Spain and to spend your money in the right way.

Massage Playa Del Inglés Reviews

one review we can show here on our Google My Business profile

just type our address on Google and you will see our satisfied clients talking about spas, massaging and relax while they are visit us

Hotels Massage in Playa del inglés

tourist coming to Playa del inglés from different country like Germany, Norway, Holland, United Kingdom, Poland , France and many more even froma different continents,

massages very ofter are booked for the evening time and most massage places at that time are close but in Massage Gran Canaria we are providing a Hotel visit Massage where you can rest totally in your hotel after the treatment and pay us upfront or in the hotel room in cash

very often husband or wife is booking this kind of massage in Playa del inglés as a surprise for his or her second half :) and we definitly can provide this service for you with earlier booking notice.

Playa del inglés Escort Massage

Escort massage in Playa del inglés are available for hotel visit or your private house

booking professional relaxing couples massage or a single one is a good idea as the therapist can come to your location and you will spend hour or more with the therapist by your own.

I hope you liked the article and if you have more question just simply call us and we will find you the right person to massage you.


Have a lovely Day Massage Gran Canaria Playa del inglés Spain


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