Massage near me

Massage near me

2022-10-28 10:33:34

Massage near me in Gran Canaria is very often searched by Google users and we are providing a mobile service to your destination. Exactly there where you want. All over the Gran Canaria it could be even beach, hotel or mountains.

Massage near me

Massage near me book from Massage Gran Canaria.

Would you like to book an excellent wellness massage near me?

Enter a zip code or a location and select a massage practice in Google search engine.

Book a wellness massage appointment near me by phone, without prescription.

We are traveling and doing escort massages everywhere around Gran Canaria so you can simple text us using facebook messanger, whatsapp or just call us to massage near me reception in Gran Canaria and we will come to visit your hotel or place whereever you want us to come.


our map of massage near me and Massage Gran Canaria

Terms of Use od Massage near me

Search Massage Gran Canaria near me and choose your Practitioner by Name:

The method is new to you?

As early as 2003, Massage Gran Canaria was the only Canarian company which was providing escort massages 24h 7 days in the week for massage service outcalls .

A discovery session is the best way to learn how good massage Gran Canaria near me feels and how nice it can be when you dont have to traveling to our massage studio and we will come to you directly.

● Arrange your massage near me appointment directly without a prescription.

● Certified therapists from the Massage Gran Canaria massage network look forward to your call.

● Maspalomas? Playa Del Ingles? Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria? Las Palmas? Type any place in Gran Canaria and let us know if we comes up:) if not then just visit our website on and use our call to action buttons

● This clear notice is important to us: 
Booking Massage near me we are charging extra for transport and it depends of how far you are form our physical address of Massage Gran Canaria in Playa Del Ingles on avenida Espana 22, bungalow C8 35100, Las Palmas

Effective massages near me in Gran Canaria.

You can do something for your health with massage near me. As a well-being massage - meanwhile also known as a wellness massage - it provides to many regular clients with effective relaxation and a physical well-being and also contributes to health care and reduce of stress because you feel 100% relax while you are staying in your own home or hotel and you dont have to traveling back to your place.

You can just totally relax and stay in your bed after massage near me.


The Massage near me in Gran Canaria is a pleasurable experience,

which you can book near me.

Because massages near me not only pay special attention to the person who is booking this treatment but it also save time and gives you your privacy and peacefull atmosphere. The body's energy cycle is stimulated and internal blockages are dissolved by using - with Massage near me team- special holding and stroking techniques. Through intensive feedback and interaction on the body, stress is reduced more quickly. This increases resilience and supports performance. In addition to the well-known effects of physiological massages on the body, Massage near me in Gran Canaria ensures a relaxed mind and a relaxed soul. Massage near me its a inner relaxation and conscious awareness.

Massage occasions:

The process of a Massage near me in Gran Canaria

Every Massage near me in Gran Canaria begins with a discussion together, in which any questions you may have about the subsequent treatment or any specific requests you may have can be clarified. In this way, the Massage near me team practitioners can also get an idea of your current state of health. From a wide range of effective massage sequences of the Massage near me masseuses and masseurs, you can choose which body segment you want to pay special attention to and whether the grips should be carried out more relaxing or invigorating.

Of course, you can also get advice on the selection of the massage area. As a rule, these are the following areas or combinations of areas:

back massage near me

Shoulder and neck massage near me

Massage of arms and hands near me

Leg massage foot massage near me

Head and face massage near me

Abdominal and chest massage near me

full body massage near me

Individual massage combinations near me


time frame

As a rule, a full massage near me treatment takes 1 60 minutes for the massage

Recommendations for the best effect

Before starting the massage in Gran Canaria, the last meal should be 2 hours ago. In order to start the session as relaxed as possible, you should plan enough time for the journey. To get the most out of the effect, you should also take time for yourself after the massage. Consecutive series of 6 or 10 sessions over a period of 2-3 months are particularly effective.

the atmosphere

Massage Gran Canaria offer you a quiet, confidential ambience far away from mass processing, cramped massage service or annoying waiting times. You will be pampered with high-quality, natural massage oils on extra-wide massage tables. If you wish, these can also be refined with ethereal essences. Massage Gran Canaria recommends Aloe vera massage oils in controlled organic quality, which are manufactured according to recipes by Canarian farm from Gran Canaria


The therapist in your immediate vicinity will be happy to inform you personally about the exact price of a 60 or 90-minute session. The decision to use this service is made by the client on their own responsibility and they also pay for it independently. In return, a particularly personal service tailored to the respective individual needs is offered, which offers significant added value compared to comparable standard medical services.


Massage Gran Canaria is suitable for people of all ages, including pregnant women, children and the elderly. If you are unsure whether a massage is tolerable for you due to an illness, please consult your family doctor in advance.

Wellness massage in Gran Canaria according to the Massage Gran Canaria method as a gift

Giving the gift of a massage is an exceptional and generous gesture. She says: "Your well-being is important to me, I wish you an all-round comfortable feel-good experience and regeneration."

Massages are also often given away to educators, nurses or volunteers, for example: by a group of parents, relatives, etc. who would like to give someone a relaxing break as a sign of appreciation.

With all Massage Gran Canaria practitioners you can purchase your massage voucher in our massage studio.


Only at Massage Gran Canaria: you can get mobile massage to your place.

Are you interested in a mobile massage service in your company?

Are you preparing an event/a trade fair and are you looking for trained massage specialists who will provide a special attraction with mobile massage on site?

● You can find contact persons in the practitioner directory for mobile massage at the workplace .

● You will receive a non-binding offer that is tailored to your specifications/requests.

LEARN MORE About Massage Gran Canaria MOBILE

Wellness massage Gran Canaria using the Great Massage methods: our service for VIPs and artists

Massage is a matter of trust

● You need massages for the artists for a concert tour?

● Are you looking for a mobile massage service for a conference event?

● As an agency/personal assistant, do you look after prominent personalities?

We provide experienced therapists for decision-makers, VIPs, artists and dancers, high performers.


Do you also like to find out more via video? Check out our channel on YouTube 

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