Massage in Maspalomas de Gran canaria

Massage in Maspalomas de Gran canaria

2022-10-24 18:40:09

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Massage in Maspalomas in Gran Canaria is the wonderful way of relaxing while you are on your holiday We can offer you varous Masseuse and masseurs who can treat you for your needs

Massage in Maspalomas de Gran canaria


Massage in Maspalomas

Where to get best massage in Maspalomas?

In Maspalomas de Gran Canaria there is many places where you can get very nice massages.

Even you can get massage on the beach while you are relaxing on sun.

But from our experience we are here to help you choose the best option for you while you are spending your time on your lovely holiday.


Can I learn how to do massage for my partner being in Maspalomas?

In this article we would like to teach you how you can do a simple relaxing massage for your partner while you are in Maspalomas de Gran Canaria

Here is the guide:

How to make a massage for your partner in Maspalomas?

We choose the oil first to our liking and mix it with the basic massage oil.

Then we perform a full body massage to our partner.

How to create the right mood for massage in Maspalomas?

Apparently Cleopatra used jasmine and rose oils to charm Mark Antony. There is a special group of essential oils known as aphrodisiacs. They can be used imaginatively to create the right mood and stimulate the senses.

Aphrodisiac oils:

Sandalwood - exotic spicy

Geranium - floral, relaxing, improves mood

Jasmine - intoxicating, luxurious

Neroli - advertiser, dissipates anxiety and shyness

Patchouli - exotic, intoxicating, sensual

Orange - joyful, sensual, soothing

Rose - Romantic, intoxicating, euphoric

Clary Sage - Sweet and mood-lifting, eliciting euphoria

Ylang - relaxing, soothing

There are special scented candles soaked in essential oils which, while burning, fill the air with aroma. To obtain a fragrance in the room, you can also evaporate selected oils, spray them or sprinkle them on the room. Depending on the oils used, the massage can have a relaxing, strengthening or stimulating effect. A massage performed by a loved one can become a sensual experience that teaches you to trust and give.

How to do a sensual massage step by step at home for your partner.

If you do not have a massage table, at home it is best to make it on the floor, on a thin foam mattress or folded blankets covered with a sheet. The most important thing in a massage is to start and end it. When your partner is comfortable, covered with a blanket or towel, place your hand gently on his body, e.g. with one hand on the nape and the other on the back. Rock your partner's body from side to side for a few minutes - let the energy flow between you.


Back Massage Maspalomas

●The partner is lying on his stomach with his head turned to the side.

●Kneel beside your partner's head and with long, gentle stroking movements, apply a thin layer of the oil to his back and shoulders. With a stroking motion, slide your palms down either side of your spine, then return them up on the sides of your back. With each movement, lean over the massaged whole body.

●Massage the muscles that run along both sides of the spine. Rub them in a circular motion with your thumbs from the top to the base of the spine. Return your palms up to the sides of the body.

●Proceed to massaging the shoulders by kneading their upper muscles. Gently squeezing and releasing, massage the entire surface of the shoulders.

●Now kneel at the patient's side, at the level of his ribs. Place both hands on top of each other. With wide, vigorous circular movements, massage the entire side of the back from the buttocks towards the head. Come back by sliding your fingers slightly down your spine. Then knead the buttock area with a squeeze and release motion.

●Go to the other side of the massaged person and do the same at the level of his ribs.

●Return to your partner's headboard and gently stroke your back from the base of your spine to your neck. Cover your back with a towel and lightly pat or rock it.


Legs Massage Maspalomas

●Kneeling next to your partner's foot, spread the oil with a gentle stroke on the entire leg from the thigh to the ankle.

●In a smoothing motion, move both hands firmly in the middle of the leg from the ankle to the top of the thigh. Back, move your hands gently on the sides of the leg down to the ankle.

●Sit at your partner's toes and hold it with one hand. With your other hand, stroke your foot firmly.

●Place your partner's foot on your knee and rub the entire sole with your thumb in small circular movements.

●Then proceed to massaging the calf. It will be convenient to put your partner's leg on your knee. Massage with strong stroking movements, sometimes with one hand, sometimes with the other. With your hands arranged in "cups" take turns to stroke the calf muscle - when one hand reaches the top of the muscle, the other starts from the ankle. Massage smoothly and rhythmically.

●When the leg is relaxed, proceed to deeper massage of the muscles with circular rubbing movements. It is best to massage the calf with your thumbs up and out. Start gently by increasing pressure gradually.

●Then go to the thigh massage with the same stroking and rubbing movements.

●From the side of your partner's leg, perform a series of kneading and patting movements.

●Finish the leg massage by stroking the entire limb. Finally, run your toes lightly over your foot and fingertips.

●Perform the same massage procedure on the front of the legs (with the partner on his back), focusing the most on the upper thighs.


Hands Massage Maspalomas

●Spread the oil with stroking movements along the entire hand.

●With one hand, gently grasp the patient's wrist, and with the other hand, make stroking movements from the lower to the upper part of the arm.

●Massage the forearm, apply circular rubbing movements.

●Proceed to massage your arm, stroking first, then rubbing.

●Then massage the entire hand with stroking.

●Take your partner's hand in your hands and massage the middle of it with your thumb. Smooth the outside of your hand. Gently twist your wrist and fingers.

●Finish the hand massage by gently stroking from the shoulders towards the hands.


Neck Massage Maspalomas

The neck and nape area are very important places where tension builds up.

●Place a rolled-up towel under your partner's head. Turn your head to the side and stroke your thumb lightly from the base of the skull towards the collarbone. Then knead the upper shoulder muscle.

●The head is straight. Place both hands under the base of the neck and massage it upwards towards the base of the skull with large circular motions of the pads of the toes.

●With small movements of your fingertips, rub the line of the skull base - from the ears and back.

●Finish by stroking with both hands from the shoulders to the hairline


Abdomen and chest Massage Maspalomas

●Cover your partner to reveal only the area around the ribs up to the pelvis.

●Kneel at the side of his waist. Spread the oil with gentle stroking movements. Stroke up through the center of your belly, out over your lower ribs, and down to your waist. Place your palms down your stomach and repeat the cycle.

●Cover the abdominal area with a towel, place both hands on it and gently press down before pulling them off.

●Go to the chest massage. You can cover the bust to expose the top of the chest and shoulders.

●Kneel beside your partner's head and spread the oil by moving your hands down through the center of your chest. Separate your hands, circle them around your breasts and return to the sides of the body.

●Knead the upper thoracic area - the soft areas below the collarbone.

●Use your fingertips to rub the area around the breastbone.

●Kneel at your partner's side and alternately stroke the area of the ribs on your side with both hands towards the center of the massaged body.

●Kneel at your partner's head again and spread the oil by moving your hands down through the center of your chest. Separate your hands, circle them around your breasts and return to the sides of the body.


Face massage Maspalomas

Face and scalp massage is very relaxing. Naturally, it must be a very gentle massage as the skin of the face and neck is sensitive. The idea is to stimulate blood circulation and make the skin stronger, not stretch it.

●Sit behind your partner's head and start by stroking the forehead, starting from the center towards the temples.

●Smooth the jawline from the chin towards the ears.

●Very gently pat the cheeks and neck.

●Stroke your cheeks towards your ears with your whole hands.

●Use your fingers to smooth the skin along the eyebrows,

●Massage the area around the lips and cheeks with small circular movements.

●Massage both sides of the nose with small circular movements.

●Use your index or middle fingers to put pressure on the eye sockets at the top of your nose for a few seconds.

●Do not forget to massage your head, massaging its entire surface as if you were washing it.

●Finish by gently stroking the forehead with the bases of your thumbs and the sides of your face with your fingers.


Maspalomas Massage in Gran Canaria


Completion of the massage in Maspalomas

●Kneel at your partner's side, place one hand on his forehead and the other on his stomach, and rock back and forth for a few moments. It is a very gentle, calming movement.

●The massage is complete.

What kind of Massage I can get in Maspalomas?

There are different types of massage, and with the development of physiotherapy, cosmetology and medicine, techniques and methods are evolving. It is undoubted that massages are one of the most popular and pleasant relaxing and healing treatments.

Below is a quick overview of the most popular types of massage in Maspalomas:

Classic massage in Maspalomas

This is the most widespread and well-known type of massage in Europe. It combines traditional massage techniques (stroking, rubbing, kneading, squeezing, vibration). It is performed in order to relax muscles, improve blood circulation or accelerate the removal of unnecessary metabolic products. Masseurs make appropriate movements on the surface of the muscles using special lotions, creams or oils.

Classic massage can be very gentle and relaxing. If you have never had a massage before, it is worth starting with this type, because it will definitely meet your expectations.

See also: Chinese cupping massage in Maspalomas.

Relaxing massage in Maspalomas (aromatherapy)

This type of massage perfectly reduces muscle tension and will make us really refreshed.

relaxing massage with the use of natural essential oils is aimed at the appropriate needs of the massaged person. During this massage, the therapist can use various types of oils that cause relaxation, energize, reduce stress or restore the body's balance, etc.

One of the most used essential oils in aromatherapy is lavender . The relaxing massage is especially suitable for people exposed to stress .

Hot stones massage in Maspalomas

Heated, smooth stones placed on appropriate points of the body perfectly warm and relax tense muscles, and also affect the proper function of the body's energy centers. The therapist may also hold hot stones in their hand and apply gentle pressure to them. The penetrating heat has a very soothing effect on the tissues of our body.

Hot stone massage is very good for people who have excessively tense muscles and prefer a milder form of massage.

Deep tissue massage in Maspalomas

It is aimed at the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. In this technique, the pressure force by the masseur is selected individually, depending on the tension of the tissues. The pace is slow and the amount of lubricant used is negligible. The pressure in deep tissue massage is carried out at an angle of 45 degrees, which allows the massaged tissue to be stretched. The blood vessels and nerves then also have the ability to stretch or move. The therapist works with great palpation precision.

Deep tissue massage is used in chronic muscle pain , repeated fatigue, in problems with body posture or during recovery from various types of injuries. People often feel pain after this type of massage from one to two days after the procedure, because the main goal of deep tissue massage is to reduce restrictions in muscle mobility and its structure. However, this does not mean that the therapy is not pleasant.

See also: Centrifugal (joint) massage .

Shiatsu massage in Maspalomas

Literally translated, it means "pressure with a finger". It is a Japanese massage focused on working on the body. Finger pressures on appropriate places (energy paths), called meridians, that connect individual acupuncture points are used here .

People who have contact with this type of massage for the first time are pleasantly surprised by the results. Already after the first treatment, you can clearly feel the relaxed body and mind. In addition , Shiatsu massage removes the accumulated tension in our body, regulates metabolic processes and visibly improves health.

Thai massage in Maspalomas

Like Shiatsu massage, it balances the body's internal energy by applying pressure to specific points. It also includes elements of stretching and reflexology . You won't just lie down during this type of massage. The therapist's movements, which additionally stretch your body, will introduce passive yoga .

Thai massage is more energizing than other forms of massage. It also reduces stress levels, improves flexibility and range of motion, and fights pain and fatigue. Importantly, this massage can be used by people of different physical fitness and age.

Pregnancy massage in Maspalomas

Also known as prenatal massage or pregnancy massage . It is becoming more and more popular with women who are expecting the birth of a baby. Certified masseurs can be recognized by their approach, patient positioning, supporting the body of women during massage, and by modifying individual techniques.

Pregnancy massage is used to reduce stress levels as well as swelling. It soothes pain, reduces anxiety and depression . This type of massage is tailored to the individual needs of a woman.

Reflexology Massage in Maspalomas

Although it is sometimes called a foot massage, it is more than just a simple foot massage. The tasks of reflexology include putting pressure on specific points on the feet that are responsible for specific organs and systems in the body.

This type of massage is very relaxing and recommended especially to people who stand at work for most of the day and their feet are simply tired. Additionally, reflexology influences the regulation of disturbed functions in the nervous system and improves blood circulation.

See also: Water massage .

Sports massage in Maspalomas

This type of massage is intended for people who practice physical activity . However, you don't have to be a professional athlete to enjoy its benefits. Active and physically working people also reach for it.

Sports massage does not focus on relaxation, but on preventing and treating injuries and improving sports performance. Different techniques are combined in this type of massage. Generally speaking, it is similar to classic massage, except that it uses faster pace and greater strength. This helps to relax the muscles, increase their flexibility, and also speeds up the regeneration process.

See also: Massage as a supplement to training .

Chocolate massage in Maspalomas

Very popular in SPAs all over the world. For good reason. There are many benefits of this type of massage, incl. firms and revitalizes the skin , acts as an excellent moisturizer, calms and improves the mood, helps burn fat and get rid of cellulite . It reduces stress and also alleviates ailments related to the circulatory, muscular, nervous and respiratory systems .

Hot chocolate massage is especially recommended for people who feel excessively tired after a hard day's work.

Massage is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and has countless positive effects on our body and psyche.

It is not surprising, therefore, that it is gaining more and more followers.

Supporters who are often very aware of the advantages of massage, but also want to explore its secrets

Here are the 6 most frequently asked questions about massage.


1. How often do I use a massage in Maspalomas?

The frequency of using massage depends on the goal we want to achieve. If there are back pain, it is best to massage it every day or every other day. Then the therapist can assess the effectiveness of the therapy and select effective manual techniques. If the task of the massage is to regenerate and improve the overall condition of the body, the most optimal time will be to use one or two massages a week.

2. What is the difference between classic massage and therapeutic massage in Maspalomas?

Classic massage is the basis of many other types of massage, it is the basis and model in various massage techniques, it is performed as a therapeutic, relaxation, sports or lymphatic drainage treatment. Classic massage is a general treatment, indicated in the case of muscle fatigue, improving the condition and functioning of the most important systems of the human body. Therapeutic massage is used in pain ailments of the spine, joints and muscles, as well as in the process of rehabilitation after injuries and surgical procedures.

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3. What is the difference between a classic massage and a relaxing massage in Maspalomas?

Classic massage is the basis for all forms of massage. Depending on the techniques used and their intensity, it can have a healing, sports or relaxing effect. Classic massage is performed mainly as a regenerating treatment, while a relaxing massage is supposed to have a calming effect and therefore it is used for slower and gentler movements, but with sensitivity and pressure where there are muscle tension. However, the techniques should not be too intense, unlike classic massage. During a relaxing massage, conversations are avoided so as not to knock the massaged person out of the calm state.

4.What is the difference between classic massage and sports massage in Maspalomas?

Sports massage is derived from classical massage. It is performed stronger, more energetically. Its main techniques are grinding and kneading. Playing sports takes place at the limit of the body's efficiency, which contributes to overload and causes injuries and more serious injuries. This massage is to prevent these mechanisms, it is a preparation for training and sports competitions, it accelerates regeneration after exercise, and in the case of injuries it is to support their treatment.

5. How is the trigger point massage in Maspalomas formed?

Trigger points result from: direct muscle injury, muscle strain, acute muscle overload, chronic muscle overload, or the activity of trigger points in other muscles. Overstraining or overstretching creates zones in the muscles that are less well-supplied with oxygen, leading to hypoxia. Hypoxia is an oxygen deficiency that leads to ATP deficiency, which results in problems with the release of connections between myosin and actin filaments. This causes local stiffness. The site is tender and pressure at that point causes pain that radiates to distant sites (transferred pain).

When performing the procedure, the therapist focuses on developing trigger points, the pressure often causes unpleasant feelings for the massaged person. In this case, it is worth informing the therapist if the pain is too strong. It is worth noting that it is the patient who decides about the strength of therapeutic techniques. After the therapy, pain symptoms usually decrease and the mobility of soft tissues improves. It is also recommended to support the therapy through stretching and strengthening exercises as well as shaping correct posture habits and following the principles of work ergonomics.

6. Why does my head hurt when my muscles are tense?

A headache can have many causes. If it occurs due to muscle tension and fatigue, it is usually due to poor circulation in the carotid arteries and poor posture (keeping the head in a tense position for a long time). Tightening the muscles of the neck and torso, as well as improper breathing, contribute to problems with oxygenation and blood supply to the body. Breathing disorders involve the activation of the upper chest, shoulders and neck to the respiratory action. On the other hand, the diaphragm is blocked and does not have proper mobility. Tightening the chest muscles causes problems with the mobility of the ribs and spine. Anxiety and depression also contribute to the development of headache. A great way to reduce headaches caused by excessive muscle tension is therapeutic massage combined with deep tissue massage techniques.

Why is it worth using a massage at Massage Gran Canaria?

The Massage Gran Canaria team consists of qualified therapists with skills confirmed by diplomas and using modern methods. Thanks to the extensive experience, passion and commitment of Massage Gran Canaria professionals, you can be sure that you will be in good hands. Our therapists will select the best methods depending on the severity of the ailments, response to massage and individual needs of the person.

Decide for a massage and use the services of certified Mastell therapists.

Make an appointment at:

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